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Sparkle Bunny Bloomers

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The Sparkle Bunny loves nature, magical adventures, cuddles, tea parties, and all spooky things.

This Sparkle Bunny is handmade with love by Teardrop Lollipop using 100% linen for body fabric. These bunnies have sequin ears for a bit of magical sparkle, removable elastic lace rue collar and removable 100% cotton print bloomers. All products are made with recycled poly and face is hand-embroidered.

Please do remember that each doll is handmade and unique so no two dolls will look identical. Each will have slight variations between them.

Measures approximately 10 3/4”.

Please use a damp cloth for spot clean and air dry.

These dolls are best suited for children over the age of 3 and for gentle play only.